Arducopter Motor Redundancy test

Motor redundancy test for Arducopter. Power to M5 motor is shut off, but copter crashed.
Anyone successfully recover from a motor failure on a hexacopter on Arducopter which
is documented?

It could be possible to work on octacopter. But hexa and quad always make a flip when one motor fails. Hexacopter always crashed after our tests when one motor fails. So we dont think this is possible to avoid crash

Yes on APM flight stack Hexa motor failure will cause a crash even though Ardupilot community members say it should not.

Have you tried on Px4 ? It looks like the Yuneec which is based on PX4 can survive a motor failure. So the PX4 flight stack might work.

You can see from the motor PWM OUTPUTS on the bottom of the screen, M5 has gone to 95% because power was switched off to M5 and the flight controller is sending maximum power to that arm trying to recover, but nothing happens on the other motor outputs from the flight controller .