Beta testing results for Tengri Wifi with single omni antenna

Tengri Wifi has been extensively beta tested over the last two months with a single omni antenna on the UAV and another omni antenna on the Tengri Ground Control unit. Beta testing has been done in a variety of conditions in Europe, America’s, and Australia/Oceania.

The results from the above configuration testing is a very stable transmission range of 1.5km (1500 meters). Changing the standard omni antennas that come with the recommended wifi units to larger omni antenna with more gain etc, does not greatly affect the range of the unit. It was accidentally discovered that even with a small wifi dongle on the Ground Control unit, a range of several hundred meters was achieved.

The next round of beta testing results will be for directional antennas.

Initial beta testing will end in July when we will be releasing the mainline code as a firmware release
for the Tengri Remote Cockpit and the Tengri Ground Control unit. With this release, support for additional antenna’s and configurations (multiple bands, channels, etc) will be added which will extend the range of the system significantly.

For most users not requiring BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) capability, the basic antenna configuration and setup works really well.

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