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Looking to add crop spraying to my resume . Still to early in the process . Looking to use Tranis (Israel) when the two local dealers are in full swing . So far i’ve made contact with a startup in Iowa that does crop spraying . Their are approximately 5 companies that have gotten approval to spray . Need to build a x8 copter to do this . Tengri says its possible . Don’t want to use DJI . Looking at pixhawk 2.1

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Controlling the auxiliary ports with the Tengri Ground Control unit is a straightforward process.
Will post a how to document explaining the process.

Some additional info that would be helpful:

Is there a specific sprayer(s) you are evaluating or have in mind?
Do you need to vary the spray control during the mission depending on the area being sprayed?
Do you want to monitor the spray nozzles and the fluid levels visually during the mission?
What is the RC / Ground control/ Mission planning and radio link devices that will be used?
Do you want the Tengri Ground Control to manage the mission or just the sprayer device?

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Turning the sprayer on/off with the Tengri Ground unit is very simple.
Connect an RC controlled switch like the one below to the sprayer pump circuit and
then connect the PWM input of the switch to an AUX port on the Pixhawk.
From the Tengri Ground Control unit, assign an ‘off’ position button and an ‘on’ position
button to turn the switch off/on (PWM value below 900 is generally off and above 1500
would be on).

The Tengri Ground Control unit can communicate with Pixhawk flight controller via an RFD900
or other radio modem. The Tengri Ground Control unit can be used to only control the sprayer
or the entire UAV depending on your requirements. Even a simple game control (playstation) device
would be sufficient to control a spraying mission connected to the Tengri Ground Control unit via an USB connection.

This is a very simple configuration. The Tengri Ground Control unit can also be used to automate the entire spraying mission or control the spraying in a more granular manner (by varying height, speed, etc) depending on the requirements.

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rantizo and rmd system (canada) granular spreader . Moniter the level . frysky tranis . Manage both the mission and sprayer device . I will be using a lidar range finder . I need to know where i stop spraying so that i can go back where i finished .

How would i tie in the muli-spectrum weed detection images into my mission planner ? I want to only spray the area that are determine to be infested .

The rmd sprayer has an aluminium casing. To monitor the liquid levels, it should provide some sensor feedback which can be displayed on the Ground control unit. Frsky is very easy to use with the Tengri Ground Control unit. Plug the following module into the Tengri and the Frsky controls can be mapped on the Tengri Ground Control unit.

Frsky Taranis connected to Tengri Ground Control unit with XSR-SIM Dongle

Ideally the workflow should be for the mult-spectrum detection to generate coordinates of the infested area (ie a KML file). This file can then be uploaded into QgroundControl running on the Tengri Ground Control unit where it can be setup as an auto mission. Once the mission is initiated and the UAV reaches the target spraying area, the sprayer can be activated with the switch on the Frsky. If the liquid payload finishes before the end of the mission, select RTL on QgroundControl and the UAV will return to base for refuelling the payload and/or a battery change. If the mission is not closed in QgroundControl, the mission can be resumed and the UAV will return to the last waypoint before RTL was selected. (see the QgroundControl documentation below)

“The Resume Mission guided action is used to resume a mission after performing an RTL from within the mission to perform a battery change. After the vehicle lands from RTL and you have disconnected the battery do not disconnect QGC from the Vehicle. Put in your new battery and QGC will detect the vehicle again and automatically restore the connection. Once this happens you will be prompted with a Resume Mission confirmation slider. If you want to resume the mission, confirm this and the mission will be rebuilt from your last waypoint traveled through. Once the mission is rebuilt you will be presented with another Resume Mission slide which allows you to review the rebuilt mission before starting it again. Confirm this Resume Mission slider to continue on with the mission.”

I will be sharing the good news on the progress of UAV crop spraying with my former agronomy professor . thanks . I could be struggling with this for years to find a solution .


The Tengri Ground Control unit also has a custom built command for controlling waypoint speed by turning an assigned knob on the RC transmitter or Ground Control station without having to edit the speed on all the waypoints. This maybe useful in crop spraying for varying the spray intensity by dynamically controlling the speed of the UAV during the mission.