Tengri On-board UAVCAN Hub

We are developing an UAVCAN Hub and UAVCAN management firmware to be able to connect multiple UAVCAN devices on your UAV. The Tengri Remote Cockpit will be connected to the UAVCAN network and can be used to monitor and configure the on-board UAVCAN network.

The benefits are simplified and reduced wiring (and on-board EMI noise), real-time monitoring of your UAVCAN devices, and no limitation on the number of ports. There are also Serial to UAVCAN bridge nodes that are available for connecting serial devices to the UAVCAN network. Other available devices include GPS, ESC controllers, etc. It’s possible to build a complete UAVCAN based UAV today.

Tengri UAVCAN Hubs will be available in an 8 port configuration with JST-GH connectors.