Tengri Remote Cockpit v1.042

Three new menu items have been added to the configuration menu of the Tengri Remote Cockpit for the upcoming firmware release 1.042 to integrate the Tengri long range wifi functionality that is currently under beta testing.

The new menu items are Interface, Protocols, and Streams. Details of each will be given in the firmware release notes. The architecture of the Tengri wifi functionality is very powerful and has been designed to support multiple UAV’s/UGV’s , multiple users, relay / mesh services, and remote users. It enables a lot of flexibility in allowing users to develop their own custom setups that will support a wide variety of needs with significant range using widely available off-shelf-wifi hardware.

In addition, since Tengri wifi uses the significant computing power available in the Tengri Remote Cockpit unit, there is no requirement to buy special communications hardware, it requires just a firmware upgrade.

A short video of the new menu items is shown below