Update on Tengri Wifi / 4G / LTE

An update on Tengri Connect which encompasses Wifi, 4G , LTE.

Based on the feedback we have received so far, some significant design changes were made to our architecture to make the Tengri communications firmware more robust to accommodate the requirements of our users. There were many requests to include support for IP based camera systems especially for security and surveillance applications.

These changes have now been done for integrating the Tengri Wifi firmware into the Tengri Remote Cockpit and Tengri Ground Control units so that support for these and other communication methods can be readily incorporated in the future in addition to Tengri Wifi.

The Tengri communication firmware is based on first defining and setting up the communication interface device (a wifi dongle, 4G dongle, or an ethernet connection (via ethernet to usb)).

Thereafter the user needs to setup the protocols being used by the device. Initially this will be
Wifi (for local access) , Tengri Wifi (Broadcast long range wifi), and webRTC (for 4G/LTE). RTSP and other protocols will be added in the future depending on the feedback we receive. Protocol names
can be assigned to receive, transmit, or receive + transmit.

Once the protocol is defined, a streaming service can be defined and configured to be used for data (telemetry), video, audio, or a combination of data + video + audio.

Tengri Connect is one of the most robust and powerful communication architectures for UAV’s in the industry and allows operators to establish reliable and redundant communications links for conducting missions without being limited by range or line of sight obstructions. Tengri Connect also makes multi and remote user configurations relatively easy to setup for conducting collaborative missions.

The first communication firmware releases for the Remote Cockpit and Ground Control will be released in July.

Configuration screens are shown below.