What type of switch controls should be used on a Ground Control Station?

Definitely not RC transmitter type toggle switches which are more prone to accidental movements.

What type of switches should be used ?
Momentary, Latching, Rotary encoders, or potentiometer switch controls ?

With an Integrated Ground Control unit, select the best type of switch depending on
the objective. A general rule of thumb guide we have developed while developing
and testing different configurations.

Momentary switches
Use where direct / quick action is required like changing flight modes without having to toggle through multiple selections as with a rotary (knob) type switch. Also avoids accidentally selecting an incorrect position.

Latching switches
Use where on/off states are required such as arming / disarming. For critical functions, use a covered switch like the one shown below.

3 axis Hall effect Joystick - a must for professional UAV control instead of thumbstick RC controls.

Tengri will be providing a range of switches and controls assembled into switch control panels that are wired with JST-GH connectors for easy assembly.

Switches can be standard or illuminated, open or covered, and come in a variety of colors.